It seems that even this time Namo factor has worked well for BJP. The prime minister’s remarks against congress leader Rahul Gandhi that :”Congress has become PPP(Punjab , Pondichery , Parivaar ) party has turned into reality as Karntaka’s result shows that Karnataka has also slipped out of the hands of Congress Party.There is celebrations going on in BJP office in Karnataka and Delhi.On the contrary media is speculating that who will take the charge of such humilating defeat in Congress Party whether it will be Rahul Gandhi or any other party leader.


BJP has secured 110 seates while Congress’s vote share has declined to 70 seates.The JSD emerged as the third largest party with 38 votes . BJP claims that the saffron wave is still there in the country and the will continue to work hard . The results were in total contrast with the exit polls .The tough decisions taken by BJP like GST and demonetization  has appeared to have positive impact on BJP’s image.

This election results have proved that Congress party needs to do something to strengthen their leadership if the party really wants to regain its lost reputation and trust. There is no doubt in the fact that Rahul Gandhi is the worst choice for the party’s president post .It is also becoming very clear that the gruesome remarks by Rahul Gandhi on PM has become been used against him only. The anti-incumbency factor has played a prominent role in BJP’s victory.

The major topics on which aggressive campaign took place during the elections were dalits, north vs south india,lingayata community ,personal attacks on Modi and corruption charges against the current Karnataka’s chief ministers.After this victory Narendra Modi has emerged as pan India leader.This is an undenying truth that BJP has got the advantage of making B S Yedyurappa as the chief minister nominee as he belong to the lingayta community.

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