Stanford International School

At Stanford International School children not only learn but explore the world beyond the boundaries of their classrooms . Here , students are encouraged to take part in various activities like sport tournaments, plays, debate, inter school competitions which will help in their holistic development .

At  the primary level the school learn music ,dance , drawing and speed ball.Stanford International School is a place where the students are taught the art of living ,growing and get the power to change the world through their learning experiences at school.

The Stanford International School has chemistry and physics lab and biology lab and smart classes installed with crocodile app where the children can test their learning through  practical experiences.

The school organizes various sports tournaments like cricket,basketball,volleyball, tennis and football.Children learn team work, coordination and leadership skill at Stanford International School.

For the playway ,nursery and prep students the school organizes various programs like pool day , festival day , mothers days and different colour day. Stanford International School is a fast growing chain which is expanding its branches at the pan India level.The school believes that each child is unique and helps the students in creating a world. Stanford School is a place where which the students to establish their own distinct identity and create Values,Voice and Vision. The school also has its preschool branch names as stankids. 

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