Hichki Review

Hichki was a very emotional movie . It highlights the bias nature of teacher toward children

.The movie is about a teacher named ,Naina who suffering from a disease called turrets.In the beginning Naina, the protagonist of the movie is introduced to the viewers and some childhood incidences of her life were shown she was tease due to her abnormality. Despite the awful treatment that she was give by the society ,her  optimistic nature was reason that she finally got appointed as a teacher in a school after being rejected from 17 school .But getting a job was not the happy  ending of Naina’s story.

In Hichki , the teacher, Naina Mathure got a class of 14 children who had got admission in the school due to RTE.The class was really very stubborn , mischievous and dull in studies . Hichki revolves around the theme of imparting education  and love to those under privilege children which changed their lives and gave wings to their dream .

It was an awesome movie which which will make you a fan of Rani Mukherji. Her acting skills and involvement with the children were praiseworthy. Hichki is a must watch movie.I will give this movie 4.5 stars out of 5.I am not giving five because the ending could be much better.

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