Jal MahalJal Mahal is a castle situated amidst the Man Sagar Lake in Jaipur. This royal residence was worked by Maharaja Jai Singh II of Amber in the eighteenth century. There are normal watercraft rides to the castle from the lake banks in conventional styled wooden made vessels.

The magnificence of the royal residence was the improved by numerous ages of Maharajas. For instance Maharaja Jai Singh II added to the magnificence of the royal residence by making greenery enclosures to make the Jal Mahal more beautiful. After ages of imagination we today have the gloriousness of the “water royal residence”.

The Jal Mahal is around 5 KM from the focal point of Jaipur city. It is effectively open via cars and cabs. In the event that you are feeling especially bold you can attempt the neighborhood transport benefit. The closest transport stop is Shahpura Bagh which is 200 m from Jal Mahal.

The perfect time to visit the Jal Mahal is in October when the climate is the most wonderful.
The Jal Mahal is en route to Amer Fort. The best arrangement is to visit this place twice, once while in transit to Amer toward the beginning of the day and second at night when the royal residence is lit up.

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