Delhi is not only the capital of India but it is also the capital of the ever growing coaching mandi in India . In Delhi people from different backgrounds and culture come to take coaching for clearing various competitive exams like JEE ( Joint Entrance Test ) to get admission in IITs. About 5-7laks student every year enrol for JEE and compete for the mere 9000 seats. In the same way around 2lakh students appear in AIPMT test for the mere 1600 seats . These days many student are taught to take the burden of the coaching centre at a very tender age .Parents in the metro cities get the admission of their ward done in FITJEE , NARAYNA , VMC, etc. in class VI or VII. This shows the concern of the parents to their children which is minted well into money by the big coaching centres .

Indian coaching Industry is a 2lakh crore industry with a growth rate of 35%.Even the hardest of the economic recession cannot slow down its growth . With the ever growing coaching industry the suicide rate among students is also incfeasing every year in India.The reason for this could be the over ambitious expectations of the parents from their children . Parent , teachers and our education system is at fault. Our indian education only teaches us to get good marks which are nowhere reuired in our daily life. Who knows whether Mark Zukerbuck , Larry Page,Elon Musk, Narendra Modi,Bal Ganga Dhar Tilak , Dr Rajendra Prasad got excellent marks of not in their examinations at school or college level ,still we all have respect for these people for their excellency in their respected feilds.Even there is a famous saying of Edison when he failed in inventing bubles again and again:”I did not fail once it just happened to be a 2000 times process” .But , ourb education system fails to teach us to accept our defeats and failure and learn from them. Failing in India means that you will be considered as an abnormal person and will be treated as an alien element of the society. This fear of failing and thinking about what other people will think about you makes a student weak and reluctant to experiment new ideas and ways to solve the problems.

Many of us must have heard this famous quote:”EDUCATION ISB THE MOST POWERFUL WEAPON WITH WHICH YOU CAN CHANGE” . Now ,stop running after your so called dreams blindly and think how your education has helped you to change this world for better

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