Srinagar’s Picturesque Beauty

This is the most lovely place in Uttarakhand, in spite of the fact that when I went to this place a large portion of the low lying open places there were totally annihilated. The calamity of Kedarnath and Badrinath was a catastrophe for the neighborhood individuals. The scars of that calamity were starting to recuperate when I went to this little town, Srinagar in Uttarakhand. Individuals were grieving the loss of the family. The tears according to the individuals had not, in any case, shed till now.

I asked about the horrible catastrophe in Srinagar from a retailer close to my inn. He disclosed to me that numerous dead bodies came skimming by their town with the controlling power of streaming waterway. A scourge has spread in there town. Numerous creepy crawlies and mosquito ailments were pervasive around there.

Following day, I went to a place from where we can get a picturesque perspective of the town. The above picture demonstrates the pleasant perspective of the place. Maybe a result of the enchanted excellence of this place, this place in Uttarakhand is likewise named as Srinagar like the one in Jammu and Kashmir. This place was extremely similar to a paradise on the earth. I surmise that huge numbers of the general population who have a place with the supposed youthful age does not know the satisfying magnificence in our nation however they would think about the excellent places in US or UK. I feel that WE INDIANS MUST APPRECIATE THE BEAUTY OF HINDUSTAN AND EXPLORE IT. Regardless of these troubles Uttarakhand is as yet reducing from the agonies postured by the Kedarnath calamity

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